Break Free from the Darkness



Making everyone think you are just fine

Is perhaps my greatest talent.

It is not my acting

Not my ability to learn quickly.


It is never crying

Never telling them about the blackness

The blackness that binds my brain

Into myself

Never branching out.

This darkness

The black that began with bright colors

In the mind of a child

That turned to gray

And slowly grew darker.

Until now.

The black is facing a battle

Those colors are returning

The colors

Brought back by a boy

A boy who has loved me for 4 months now

Battling with the black

The all-encompassing black

Or at least that was what I used to think

As I see my mind brightening

I can begin to forget about everything

That made it black

Forget about the bullies

That began in just third grade

Forget about the place I call home

That I so desperately want to escape.

About all of it

It disappears

The colors take over

They win the battle

And I can’t wait for my colors to shine through.


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