Break Free

inside the golden cage
she sits alone
singing sweetly for the ears to hear
how charming, they chitter, how delightful
if only she didn’t look so dull
with such weary eyes
has she no care for appearance
for beauty and herself?
what shame it is to see such talent gone to waste
with such a pretty face

within the golden cage
she preens
feathers fluttering gently, head held high
colors shone vibrantly and yet they sigh
what a sight she is, they murmur, what a catastrophe
dancing about with such vanity
falling from the spotlight
who would ever love
a disgrace?

within her golden cage
she cries
her wings torn from their jagged words
a splintered heart on the ground

unable to make a sound
oh dear, they whisper, oh the unfortunate
there she is playing victim
has she not grown weary of this game yet?
no composure, no poise
surely there is no one
as foolish as her

inside that golden cage
she begins to stand
who are you to judge me?
force me into this frame of perfection
when i am not a mound of clay
for strange hands to mold?
they are silent
not a peep to be heard
until she finds herself surrounded
by masks of blank stares
you are wrong, they chant, you are mistaken
for we could never hurt
a strong woman like you
from her golden cage
she flies
no longer bound by their chains
no longer haunted by their claims
i am storm, she shouts, i am flame
you cannot break my path
no matter what you croon
for no one can sing louder
than a songbird like me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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