Bravery Sings


For years, only silence.

And fear… no song.


Never testing the limits,

Never pushing the envelope,

Never hearing the song.


Opportunity knocks softly.

Can I hear it? Yes.

Do I answer?


Fingers crossed behind its back,

No promises, no guarantees.

Do I answer?


I do.


Weak, faint melody circulates,

I can almost hear it…

But, can they hear me?


Traveling for hours,

Tension and terror take over…

The song crescendoes.


Standing before them,

Singing whole-heartedly,

Scintillating success lies before me.


It is done.

I’ve conquered the beast.

I've conquered my American Idol audition.



The song of life is so beautiful.

I'm finally brave enough to hear it.


I hear it every day now.


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