Thu, 10/10/2013 - 13:06 -- hundoi


High school english does not encourage students to think.

Why? The reason is because there are correct answers.

Remember the when we do required reading,

there is always analyze afterwards.

The teacher will ask "interpret the meaning of the passage"

You would assume that there is no incorrect answers.

It maybe true depending on who is teaching.

We all have read Hamlet and his famous quote "To be or not be, that is not the question"

Why does it always have to be about life and death?

If you say anything other than that you are wrong.

On test they will ask you the same question.

You either give the "interpretation" your teacher told or you are WRONG!

English teachers over analyze the text, believing there is a hidden agenda behind the author

But how can you say that is what the author is thinking

Did you ask him?

They are brainwashing student to thinking they are learning

The truth is they are feeding us knowledge that they think is correct

Ask yourself is your english teacher always looking for specific analyze or interpretation


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