Brain Molds


It is said that there are two styles of brains

one brain for each gender


brain number one

free flowing thoughts mingling

burts of colors into a vast number of hues

where each thought connects to another

sometimes viewed as creative, understanding, sensitive

other times illogical, irrational, or too emotional


brain number two

thoughts in boxes that never touch

everthing is in its own space

neat and orderly profoundly organized

black and white few shades of grey 

sometimes viewed as logical, practical, tidy

other times insensitive, non-understanding, rigid


brain number one and brain number two

each have their own fortes and faults

each with their own appeal and flaws

but which brain am i?


am i 

coloful or monochrome

wonderous or realistic

spontaneous or predictable

maker or sorter

fluid or solid

art or science

feelings or facts?


i say "nay"

nay to "or"

nay to "molds"

nay to "models"

nay to "roles"


I am 

facts AND feelings

monochrome AND colorful

science AND art

realistic AND wonderous

solid AND fluid

predictable AND spontaneous

sorter AND maker





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