A peaceful boycott is the most effective form of protest that exists.

No government can force the people to do business with any company.

Their guns and their nuclear weapons cannot repress a boycott.

You do not have to spend your money with oppressors and exploiters.


By the way, some of these companies contribute to the pollution of the earth.

Stop supporting certain businesses and demand justice from your leaders.

You can hold out longer than they can because they do not like to lose revenues.

As individuals, you will not lose the amount of money that they will lose.


A boycott will cripple the economy and make them bow to your demands.

The people rule in a democratic system, not the few arrogant politicians.

We, the people, decide what we want the governments to do to us.

Politicians indulge in self-exaltation and they do not know their limitations.


All governments fear boycotts, no matter how powerful they think they are.

Civil wars and violent demonstrations cannot bring the desired results.

That unwise approach will cause bloodshed and the loss of many lives.

A peaceful and well-organized boycott is the best way to achieve justice.

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