To the boy who loves her next



To the boy who loves her next,


Please know that she’s really fragile.

 She’s far too sensitive, 

but that gives you a reason to hold her 

and tell her everything is gonna be okay


She doubts herself way too much

Sometimes, not all the time,

she’ll feel pretty 

or she’ll feel good about how she looks that day

so don’t call her conceited 

because most of the time 

she fighting with herself in the mirror


She’ll worry that you don’t love her anymore because 

she has a war in her mind

So, if she asks you multiple times

if you still love her,

don’t get mad

hold her

Just hold her and she’ll know


She’ll get sad randomly

It’s not random

she knows exactly why she’s upset

she’ll make you chase her because

she wants to feel like you want to know why she’s hurting


She’ll read a book and innocently sit there

just so you’ll stand there 

and notice how beautiful she is


She’ll put on songs and dance her little heart out

and trust me,

all you will be able to do

is look at the way her smile lights up the room


She is the biggest tease you will ever know

she’ll rub her hand down your body

she’ll kiss your neck 

and then when your body is all drugged up from her touch

she’ll walk away as if it never affected her

and that’s when you grab her

and kiss her with the most loving lips


She’ll get jealous of the girls that talk to you 

or even walk beside you

she’ll act like she's pissed off

but she only does it to make a scene

Just come up to and kiss her forehead

and she’ll forgive you in an instant


She’ll baby talk so much,

she’ll do it without even noticing 

and its the most cutest thing in the world


She’ll grab you and pull you into the sunlight

just so you can see the way her blue eyes shine


She’ll leave a trail of clothes

when she's getting undressed 

so you follow her into the room

and don’t you yell at her for making a mess


Sunday mornings are her favorite

so hold her tight 

and watch her open her eyes

as the sunlight glares down on her beautiful brown hair


 She’s scared to open up herself because 

I’m not the one who never truly noticed her beauty until right now

and now

 you’re touching her body

the body that she only wanted me to touch


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