The Boy Who Leaned a Lesson the Hard Way

I watch the boy from my hidden place that no human had the chance of seeing.

He is the perfect prey,

All defenseless and alone.

He would never know what hit him,

And I will bring about an abundant meal to end up in my stomach.

Suddenly he turns and runs, and abruptly screams "Wolf! There's a wolf!"

I wait and watch as the events unfold in a way that could only benefit me

The town appears with worry sketched on all their faces

But the boy just smirks devilishly,

Letting everyone know that foolish and mischievous he truly is.

They all walk away grumbling all the way.

Again and again, the same thing occurred,

The foolish boy would cry out with all his might,

And the town would appear to learn of his trickery.

After nearly a fortnight I decided enough was enough,

I waited long enough for my meal.

I snuck into the fields, and neared the boy,

He quickly took notice of me.

Oh, how terrified he was,

And how quickly he cried out.

But after his previous tricks no one came to check on him.

I stalked forward going after my goal,

That has kept me salivating for days.

He cowered as I came near,

But of course he is not my target.

The sheep quickly run away, 

And I prompt them to go the way I want,

by giving a little bit of a chase.

I glance back at the boy,

He is being comforted by a man,

But his tear stained face tells all.

Maybe now he will not tell such tale tales.


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