Boxes (Instagram, A Piece of Spoken Word)

Hey Cody, I know you like Instagram, but don’t get caught up in it.

Instagram in itself isn’t such a bad thing.

It wasn’t until Half of the populous didn’t realize that it had a become a marginin' tool used to distinguish between those who were and were not popular.

Or poppin ‘ in the part of the block that we walkin’ from.

Forget about a community, you need to be the in-crowd crowded in the four walls of a camera.

‘We can’t look bad, we always have to be flossin’,’ Huh!

Or maybe you did and realized they were on one side of the spectrum and were trying to get to the opposite.

To begin that oh so amazing process of becoming excahpted.

Or...accepted? I guess that I don’t know how to speak because everybody wants to choose a different accent.


From the way that their mouth makes words to the accessories that are left in a box until it’s time to take a picture or go to an event where they know they’re being watched in snaps all the way across the room so they gotta look top notch for that one person that’ll notice them in back of it.

And god forbid somebody steps on a my pair of Jordan’s with their pair of Jordan’s before I can get a shot of them.


That’s going to be somebody I’m boxin’ with while I’m thinking I could still sell the box because of the logo that sits on top of it.


That same logo people bootleg to put on top of all kind of prints.


The counterfeits are made for those who can’t stay on top their finances because they’re spending money on those kind of things!


So please Cody, don’t get caught up in it.


I love you, and a box isn't a place you should be content within.



Antonio G. Alicea


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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