The box

Tell me this is not real please say it's not real
These tears say it all so don't ask how I feel
We had long memories but life ended quick
Poison in my hand with a demon and angel on my shoulders,one saying it will be ok and the other saying take a sip
Life is a blessing and death is a bully we can't beat
I thought it was a prank so i left you an empty seat

Everything around me is all black and white.people trying to comfort me saying it's going to be ok
I know a rainbow will come when the skies are dark and the cloud are gray
But I can't think straight when my heart is broken in two
I don't want to wake up in the morning if i can't wake up to you
Friends and family are trying to wipe my tears but it will fall again
I'm not ready to say goodbye.I don't want this love story to end

If you can please get up and run into my arms
Lord Jesus please rescue me from this storm
When I thought I was defeated i heard a voice whisper my name
He stretch forth his hands and offered to take my pain
When my life became dark he became the light.when i got lonely he became my friend
He said, "you can close the box because death is not the end "

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Our world
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So true

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