bourgeoning muliebrity


I remember you incited my triskaidekaphobia

after striking me as I stood, dead 

center, in a vacillating road

On the eve of my thirteenth birthday.


As a barn owl tailed the eventide to evade 

silentious shadows skulking in newly smothered daylight,

Acrid shrieks dis/severed

every bit of tautness in the timorous air

and drove my bloodshot, embittered eyes 

to continue Searching for you

while clinging, ferociously,

to the quavering wet blanket 

of my Innocence 


Though I seemed swallowed by a volatile phantasy,

I remember watching your Khaotic spirit descend

and feeling my vibrissae recoil 

from the Redolence of divine Devilry and Blasphemy

captured in malefic Storms of Crimson


God of my mortal Metamorphose,

Once the ground had transfigured to an uneven promontory

aside the vacuous Sea of Adulthood,

you wrought your incurable “gift”

and punctured my raw and girlish vessel 

until the structure of my endo- and exo- teric synthesis 

was immutably reconstructed

And I, Rebirthed, 

as Woman


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Skye Fuller

Wow! Powerful stuff. Nice alliteration! Really really enjoyed your word-choice and evokative imagery.

I'm curious as to where the included image came from? It's beautiful!

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