Bound By the Shackles of Life

There’s not much to look forward to throughout the day

I’m just trying to survive and make sure no more pain comes my way

Life is just something I can no longer bear

I don’t know who to be, and no one even cares

I’m stuck in this sinking sand I call life

I’m still waiting for God to deliver me from all this strife

But it feels like my heart has been struck by a knife

I’m bound by the shackles of life

There is just so much fear in my eyes

It’s like smiling once in a day is some kind of prize

People think I’m okay but they don’t see the scared person inside

There are nights when I just break down and cry

My pillow is soaked with tear stains

The cries of my lonely heart causes my brain to strain

Things for me are just no longer the same

At the end of the day it’s like all the blood out of my body has drained

Oh I need help in Jesus’ name

I’m a bewildered child in the midst of a forest

It’s when I’m alone things get hardest

It’s then I can hear the thoughts inside my mind

It’s like my soul unravels and unwind

When all my flesh has faded away

And the prison around my heart slowly wears away

That’s when I’m knocked down on my knees and began to pray

I’m lost for words, I don’t even know what to say

I’m bound by the shackles of life

I’m drowning in the darkness, and there seems to be no light

But then I look up and I see the day in my sight

I’m suddenly embedded in Psalm 107:14

My Lord and Savior has slayed the darkness, saved me from death, and broken the chains that once bound me

All of a sudden my heart has been freed

It’s just been released and is finding a new beat

There are no tunes of misery

No more pain and agony

We the youth are the story in Psalm 2:3

We will break the chains that hold us back and throw the ropes that tie us down

We are the chosen ones who refuse to be bound Satan can’t have control all around

Because the youth of the church are unleashed right now



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