One petal sent to the deep

Two petals underground; towards the keep

Three petals quiet with the weep


Four petals white as the ash

Five petals floating resentment held back

Six petals the regret unsaid


Seven petals whispering goodbye to our dead

The eighth petal clinging on

The ninth petal finishing the job



The headline reads:

"At Least 9 Dead, Dozens Wounded."


Holding lifeless masses of flowers

Supposed to represent us

and our deceased loved



Only nine dead doesn't seem that bad

For Chicago.

Until a five year old boy is among the dead.


Don't play coy with fate.

You let this happen.


Let's pretend that you were there

That you could have been begging

for your life to be spared.

Who's fault is it then?


The teen gang bangers following the flow?

Or yours for letting the gun go?


10.8 million guns were sold

And 30,000 died in total.


Don't play pretend with reality.

Because it has a tendancy to play nasty.


If you wont face the facts

Then lets just pretend that

We actually care

for a minute

for the little boy who's life ended after

1.05x10^10 minutes.


But this is not about statistics

Its all about logistics.


Gun violence is a public health notice

The number two killer,

After car accidents


A man can shoot up a theater

And the morning after

The NRA can have the audacity

To say:

"Good Morning Shooters."


Now it might just be stupidity

But I don't believe in incredulity.

You say what you mean

And you mean what you say


If the NRA wont save a babe,

Who are you willing to lose today?


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