Boredom kills

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 14:47 -- TENN44

Boredom settles on the restless

Cringing the anticipation to destruct the instructions of the social-class junior

Who Thinks standing on a corner makes him a man

Who Thinks leaning on the charred, spiky metal-rusted gate makes him popular

Boredom is the burden that bugs the brainless and the heated, bustling boy

Who Thinks he's a man

Packing the purchase of the illegal eyes wandering how to control, to kill the boredom

To shoot the lights, daylights out of the nusiance

So he walks to the unexpected, the loving expected to be loved but instead in blood

In turmoil, he thinks he's on drugs

He Thinks he's a man

For killing the boredom that seeks him causing no explosions

Instead killing an innocent bystander

He Thought he killed boredom

But not in a jail cell, where he creeps   


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