Book Runner


The cheers are loud and intense

My heart is beating heavy when the gun goes off

I surge forward and my legs begin to turn


I am alone with my thoughts

I am losing myself in between the words

Externally silent

Internally flooded with ideas, images and visions


Faster and faster I move

I am surrounded by the boisterous crowd

Excitement shoots through the air and my legs


Expanding my horizon and reaching to see

The letters form words and

The words form sentences

Which creates a beautiful whole


Reaching to the final stretch

where I must hold on

My breathing quickens

Digging deep to find whatever strength is left


Retracting from the loud noises

My body relaxes and my thoughts wander

My mind is invigorated

As I digest letters on the page

I create an imagination of it's world


I am reaching the end

My focus is the finish

My mind overcomes the pain

My heart holds the determination


I am reaching the end

The book reveals the ending

My mind brings it to life


They see me cross the finish line

I see me turn the final page 


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