bonita moon

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 20:23 -- Jeevin

shes a pretty girl they call her bonita moon

her big moon like eyes are enticing like flowers when they bloom

her face is chiseled in the most exotic ways

shes hot like fire a burst of flames

her hair is wild her beauty is outrageous

her soul is pure her smile is contagious

her mind gets lost but her heart is warm

she feels like a ball of dust in a sand storm

people always telling her no and refusing her hand

she wants to give love but always finds herself damned

she starts to go crazy even though her soul is celestial

her mind is racing she isolates herself in denial

no body has the best interest for me

or is my mind playing tricks on me

so she said fuck it my dreams are my everything

ill run away from it all from left wing to right wing

seeking for the people that believe in me

searching for approval of my schemes

cause it seems like everyone is running away from me am I like the devil

no one can relate i feel like im always on some next level

creative genius, fashion killer , righteous mind

the wise traveller spitting some conscious rhymes

they call bonita moon so i guess its time for me to flee

to the moons because maybe thats were i'm meant to be




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