They were wrapped around a bonfire

Fighting for a hint of warmth on a cold night

Surrounded by hills and darkness and nothing more

Enjoying my Saturday beer when an all too familiar slur reaches my ears


“Hey, that’s a girl, not a boy.”


Basic instinct says run but social instinct tells me to stay in silence

The boys take one look and laugh, excited to pry into my oh so brittle emotions

“There’s only one way to fix that” a boy says as he pulls out his overused pocket knife

Only one way to fix that.

Only one way to fix me.


Well thank you! Young sir! For taking the opportunity to fix me!

I’ve been waiting an eternity for a handsome man like you to walk up to me and tell me

“Honey, I’m here to fix you! Come stand under the glint of this knife while I make you socially acceptable”


But before you decide the best way to alter my appearance 

Maybe you should take that knife and cut open your mind for the first time in your life

And see reality through my eyes.

I’ve gone too long receiving looks from people like you

That’s right, I said it, people like you

For once the phrased turned around from its normal use.


Forests of eyes constantly gazing upon my body

Inspecting, expecting, and hoping for me to turn around and have a flat chest

Well I’m sorry, Ma’am! But this D cup isn’t going to be hiding from anyone

Especially not your homophobic point of view

So I’ll make sure to stick them out extra so I get to see that question mark on your face

And laugh while diversity smacks you right in the brain


But never have I been threatened with blood

A hate so strong that you’re willing to make a show of cuts and bruises

But let me tell you,

While you and your buddies spend your time building bonfires and beer pong tables

I’ll be with a girl who loves me for who I am


And if you have a problem with that,

Take that blade and slide it right through your heteronormative heart.

Because you will never understand that love is genderless and ageless and not about leaving someone before the Sunday sunrise.

I may not look like a girl, but I have the soul, emotion, and breasts that all come with being a woman.

I’m so happy about being a woman that I love being with women,

And no exceptionally made pocket knife can ever cut that from my heart.



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