You are dangerous

A bomb

You are an animal that could pounce at any moment

You are only a window to sneak out of

Or another used condomn 

Or another empty beer bottle 

You are only another song to grind to

Another bird to flip off

You are just a bitter screw off

Your stay at home mom and business playing golf dad know it too

Your just like us

Welcome to the club babe,

Sorry we forgot to make a banner

We meet every Wednesday 

And cut ourselves and complain about how hard our life is

Welcome to our middle class suburban life style

We like to pile on the jalepenos and then complain about the spices

Placed into the middle of society and expected to behave

Fuck that

We are just another piercing

Another vulgar rap

Another bitchy glare

Another rumor 

Another slap

Another speeding ticket

We are dangerous 

Watch out



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