Bold Blackness: Declaration of African Greatness

Black History is still in the making. It’s not only a celebration of past victories but of present ones and of triumphs to come. I’m proud of my heritage and embrace all of who I am. Happy Black World History! (February 26, 2012 posted as Facebook status)

Black is beautiful. Black is intelligent. Black is multifaceted. Black is sophisticated. Black is celestial. Black is worth more than it’s given credit for by its ethnic counterparts. Black is dynamic. It cannot be broken, destroyed, or alienated from the power of its history. Black is overcoming. It is evolving, pressing, growing, reaching for the attainment of destiny. Blackness, my blackness, your blackness, our blackness is giftedness, humbleness, uniqueness birthed from ages ago where human history started.

On that inferiorly regarded continent to the manipulators of history, where the cicatrix of imperialism resulted in the worst possible atrocity ever known to humanity, The Middle Passage; my ancestors viewed and, thereby, treated worse than penniless debris in a junkyard

However by the grace, mercy and vindication of our Heavenly Maker, we have managed to bounce back from the oppression of antiquity and the ongoing odium we face in daily life in our homeland and in nations abroad, especially those in which cultural homogeneity has bred societal xenophobia to the detriment of future generations that will walk in the terrible ways of their parents if they do not obliterate the generational curse that is meant to keep them bound and bound for all eternity

Here I stand tall and proud, confident in who I am, who I was created to be, fearfully and wonderfully formed from the foundation of the world. I move towards the completion of my purpose. Diversified in my thinking, lowly inwardly, and positive outwardly, I make stride in what I’ve been sent to accomplish in this transient moment of life where the time keeps on rushing forward like an enormous volume of folks trying to escape the busy metro station in metropolis Beijing

Intense indignation I sense when I’ve been regarded wrongly, treated unfairly, perceived ignorantly, but I have to understand the situation for what it is with a wise and mature mind knowing that such human beings know not what they do, some things are deeply embedded in their genes and it will take years if not decades to eradicate the disease of (let me call it like I see it), racism; I must pray for their imminent and urgent deliverance from this universal demon that has chronically wreaked havoc on human society.

But for now I keep being who I am, not afraid, never ashamed of where I come from because I know whose I am and it is Him who has qualified me to tread the path I stroll; thus I can hold my head up to the sky and not worry about the discrimination I confront, the mean, prolonged stares, the fearful outbursts from youngsters who know no better, and the generic stereotypes that classify me as one who is strange, brainless, a hoodlum- the images and ideas shaped by the mainstream media for eons-destined for a life of mediocrity.

I dare say that I am NOT who they think I am for they have no conception of whom I really AM. I am brilliantly peculiar, the offspring of Yahuwah, the globe changer who will prove all the naysayers wrong by the excellency of the power of the ONE who resides in me.


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