Body Language


United States

I've been patiently waiting for you to notice me like a girl standing in the corner at a party just waiting to be danced with. But you never notice me.And every time I try to give you a compliment you always seem to get mad at me.I'm sorry if I always say the wrong things. I can be so stupid sometimes.And I never meant to make you cry.I really thought that dress looked amazing on you but I just wish you would've seen it too.I'm sorry that people make fun of us when we're together but I never listen cause all I ever pay attention to is you.I'm in love with you but you'll never know because you don't feel the same. You treat me as if you're ashamed and draw the same paint from my skin that i was birthed in.Crimson red staining the parts of me that I loved about myself most.See..I always loved you from the start.But it's like you're always trying to lose me. Why am I not good enough for you?Why can't you just love me?Is it because I'm a few shades heavier than the average Victoria secret model? Just tell me so we can try to fix it together.And by fix it I don't mean throwing up last nights dinner to make yourself feel prettier. I mean tell me exactly what I can do to make you love me.Cause ever since I was born, I never understood why you hated your own body...    

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My community
My country
Our world


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