Tue, 09/02/2014 - 17:22 -- zara

written January 2008


You like it here at nighttime best,

darkness a thing you hold to your chest

to keep your thoughts warm.

Sometimes you know you need

a healthy dose of what is real —

remember none of us can read

your mind even though we try.

But I can guess what you feel:

it hurts you that the world

is full of greed.

It hurts you that there is hate out there.

It hurts your heart that nearby

people curse and grieve

and scream and cry.

You are hurt so badly when you care.

But you cannot let that stop you,

the knowledge that no matter where

you go,

something miles beyond your control

is going down.

You have to know


the fire in your soul,

though maybe it singes or burns you

when things are unfair,

also fuels your life and love

and reminds us that high above

the noise and fuss,

there are terrible wonderful

things out there.

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