Blunt Girl

blunt girl

To all the girls who choose to be honest

To all the girls who choose to be straight forward instead of bending to the emotions of others

“I like an honest girl” he’ll say

“it's refreshing” he’ll say looking into you're eyes, you looking straight ahead as he looks at you sideways

Watching just how much you can take till you bend


You're a blunt girl

Hearing you intimidate others is no news to you, no

Since a young age you've been talked about, warned about for the straight line of gasoline you leak behind you sparked only by those who's blood boils into a fire at the sight of an honest girl

Fire they start in their own eyes when you're honesty hurts them, when you're honesty boils their blood at the thought of disagreement from a girl

They've been warned about the fire you're path can start, yet are curious as to why when this fire is lit you only suffer minor burns as the people in your path perish with second, third degree burns to their ego


“You're so blunt”

He'll tell you this with a smile, looking at you sideways as you stare straight ahead telling him you didn't think his sexist joke was funny

“I like a girl who can be honest” 

He’ll say with a laugh after you told him you don't like being touched like that in public 

They’ll tell you honesty is good, honesty is always best

But you know this isn't true


“Why are you so blunt?”

He’ll ask with a frown, boiling fire blood rushing to his tomato face as you just told him not to make fun of your gay brother 

He’ll look at you sideways trying to stray your stare away from that straight path and explain it was just a joke

He’ll try to bend your path to see his way, his boiling fire blood leaking out of his sly smile waiting for you to catch

Waiting for you to see what being a blunt girl can get you


He’ll wait till you give into that last shot of vodka, liquid courage is not something you need nor want

Yet now you're bending over a toilet

You tried not being that blunt girl, you tried bending to his ways

Yet that vodka and gasoline mixed and he ignited that path behind you himself with his white lighter he said he holds for luck

He'll threaten to leave you, threaten that you'll be passed around like the blunt you are

“Why are you always so blunt?” He’ll ask after you say, NO

“Why are you such a bitch?” he’ll demand

and with those words your blood boils, you can hear the hot bubbles pop at your pulsing permanent migraine  

As you try to calm down you press your fingers to your neck to check your pulse

You pull away and see your hand in flames

the same flames spill out of your own clenched jaws and spill into your flammable path 


You blunt bitch, you honest bitch, you fucking bitch


the fire in your path is an ongoing flame now

You are a blunt girl and the boiling blood that he lets fall from his teeth have no affect on your path


You are an inferno and they are the dry wood of people who don't like an honest girl, 

Who don't like to be told no, 

Who spew their dry jokes, expecting to have a girl laugh 

Expecting to have a girl bend to their will so they can burn them alive


You're a blunt girl, you honest girl, you fucking bitch,

You live as a burning blunt bitch and they will cremate at the sight of an actual honest girl












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