Blue Flag

Oh how I wish I had a blue flag

No longer chained by what's inside.

Oh how I wish I had a blue flag.

Hoping life would become simplified.

Vast as an ocean, mysterious and unknown

The troubles a teen could hold, no one knows.

I smiled, I laughed a blue flag they saw

But anger and hate was me all along.

Homeless? CHECK, Anger? CHECK, Scared? CHECK

Will my life be stable at ALL?

Will I realign or will I RESIGN?

Be happy, for freedom I CALL!

For I was never alone

For he had healed me.

With eyes so crystal clean

I had foreseen the fear leaving.

'Maybe I just wasn't listening'

'But I'm glad you listen to me'.

He looks at me with curiosity

Who knew a pooch would bring my blue flag to me.

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