The Blue Book

I saw blue book in the storeyesterday, but I did not pick it up. 

I was preoccupied with another and did not want to read two things at once.

My first book was short and filled with lots of hookups.


One month later I returned to the store and glanced at the same blue book, but picked up another

The second book was much shorter than my first.

Long story short, things just didn't work 

So I put the book back on the shelf, and soon after it was picked up by it's original owner


I went to the store one last time and finally picked up that blue book that should have been mine.

It was funny, romantic, and very well versed.

There was so much I could relate to.

I read for hours on end til the point that it hurt.


I could have read that rest of that book, but the book was not mine.

It belonged to another girl and she had owned it for a long time.

I parted ways with the book and never expected to see it again. 

Maybe I'd come across it while in the company of one of my friends.

Goodbye blue book, maybe one day I'll get to read you again.

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