Do not say goodbye, please hear me out first;
I love you, and know that I’m on your side
You say it’s done and it couldn’t get worse
While you reflect on the tears you have cried.
I get it, I know, I’ve been there before:
The thoughts that overwhelm you in the night,
The heartache, the struggles, and out the tears pour
Within this tunnel, where is the light?
You say that when you go, no one will care,
That lives will be better without you
But you fail to see that I am still there
Wishing and waiting for you to pull through
“There’s nothing left to live for,” you tell me.
You’re wandering lost in a horrible storm.
But think of the sunsets you’ve yet to see,
And think of the hearts you have yet to warm,
Think of the songs you have not listened to.
Think of the people you have yet to meet;
Each with a story – some just like yours, too.
Think of the blossoming ground ‘neath your feet.
Though the winter comes harsh and cruel and strong
And the winter winds blow cold with such force,
The blossoms still blossom all summer long,
After the snow and ice has run its course.
You can, too, I have no doubts and no fears:
You’ll bloom once more when the snow melts away.
Just like the summer returns every year,
So will your smile, and the peace it coveys.
So don’t say goodbye, don’t make this the end.
I promise the sun will outshine the gloom.
And when that all happens, my dearest friend,
For once in your life, your flowers will bloom.


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