Blood Is Thicker Than Water

I bleed blood
I cry tears
But family gon be family after all these years
I beg and i plead
I've been blind but now I see
Whats I want isn't whats best for me
When the water runs dry
And your life flashes before your eyes
Please don't say I didnt try
Tried to call
Tried to text
Tried to reach out
But all you did was flex
You threw shade
But there was no sun
I tried to catch you
All you did was run
I forgive but never forget
Just always remember where your heart was at
That night I was stabbed in the back
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
My dear please forgive me
I didn't know that the moment we fought
You would be leaving
Blood is thicker than water
I'd be damn if you tell me love didn't bring us closer
I brought you flowers if that helps
I'm sorry that I couldn't grow up
Most of all I'm sorry you're in that casket
If i could take it Back
You know I would
I still love you if that makes a difference
I just hope you're here to forgive this
Blood is thicker than water
I know that now
And not because she left
But because now you're in the ground
My tears won't stop and i don't expect then to
Just know after tonight I'll be seeing you
I'm guilty of not loving you
I'm guilty of letting you go
I'm guilty losing you and I know
That if I don't see you again this would hurt me deeply
Please don't try to stop me I'll do this quickly
R.I.H my angel from above
Just know that I'm sorry that all I did was give up....

Just off the top lol I tried...!!!


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