we peacefully protest,

we stand or take a knee

"get off the field!" they say

'disrespectful' is all we'll be


they go to work, 

gun strapped on tight

"blue lives matter!" they say

but a knee on a neck is alright


Kaepernick looses his job, 

Lebron gets called names, 

"shut up and play!" they say

but the game of life can be a pain


an arrest is now a death sentence

yet cops can do no wrong

"just listen!" "respect!" they say

like we haven't all along


they say they don't see color, then idoloze the blue

cling on to their guns, 

"second amendment!" they scream to you

in the same breath woman are muderers, horrible sinners are they

but what about the cops, oh, "they know not what they do"


George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Rashard Brooks and Micheal Brown

"all lives matter" they say

i guess not when they're brown 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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