Blissful Valentine.

Locked closed eyes,
Froze time and visualized what's happening.
Right then, again I'm trapped in sin..
Wishing time was captive.

I would hold it, clinch and scold it, smoothly;
Assuming you'd help me dig deep and grind.
I'd stroke you repeatedly;
Stroking, til I'm filthy..
And covered in your dirty grime.

I saw blissful darkness as I watched you wrestle me, last night.

Feeling pleasure in ways,
I couldn't imagine for days,
before this time.

He wants me.
He'd bag and caddle me,
Using strategies only he could cover.
Too far ahead; yet and again,
I've seemed to convert "friend" into "lover".
I'm hoping this will last.
We both know my past,
finishing last in race;
Crumbling rock and gravel.
Withering, whistling, neck- collar spine;
kisses silently flutter by
on my butterfly tattooed panty line.
Dear Valentine,
I'd give an entire night to straddle.


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