The Bliss Of A Screen

Monday morning, and you're bored again
Sitting with your face pressed against a screen
And here in your utopia, you never have to think
You never have to do a thing, you hardly even blink
Blink? Blink, and you might miss it. 
Flashing lights and all of the scenes that catch your interest. 
Your brain begins to rot, maggots crawl in and throughout your ears
But, that's alright with you because that's the new trend
You have quite a bad habit of self diagnosing
Because of things that you've read online
And you really can't help but noticing
Everything that's occurring
It's not near you, won't harm you
But, you're addicted to listening
Games that contain action are killing your reactions
You tend to drown yourself in other's dialogues
Then, your mind is beginning to fog
But, that's just how you like it
Can't imagine a damn thing
You hardly even think straight
Your world, the real world, it's just not as exciting. 
Oh lookie here, don't mind me
I'm not some character from a movie
Kids do nothing, but cry see?
How annoying can they be?
They all have lives too
And you have mouths to feed
But, you just don't see it
See the responsibility
You signed up for 
Like some account to an RPG
You asked for it when you gave birth
Nothing, but a birth giver
No love, no sympathy included
Watching kids is a job, no screw it. 
Addicted to your computer screen
The bliss of that damn thing
Here, see, you just ignore me
Never really have to worry about a single thing
Never really have to give two shits
The world on that screen is to your making
So much better to live there
You don't even really care
Your life here, you're gonna die here
Don't care enough to try here
Typing with the speed of sound
You tend not to look around
You don't care that time is passing
You don't care that no one's laughing
You're addicted to that damn screen
The bliss of that screen 
When no bills have to be paid
When heroes come to save the day
There's nothing like fiction
That bliss of that damn thing


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