Blind Ignorance

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 22:36 -- 1456614

Special credit and thanks to Mr. Elliott Morgan--YouTuber, comedian, and thinker of deep thoughts. (Quote at bottom, courtesy  of the aforementioned.)


Oftentimes we lose

the meaning, or the point.

Its not lost in translation

But in "grammaticalization"

And no, that ain't a word

Yet it brings about  the gist.

If they've got the right idea,

But we're too ignorant to see it...

Then who's dumb?

Who is stupid? 

If we can't see past an error,

One lapse in 

Syntax or Diction

Truth vs Fiction

Can't see through to the main point--

Then it's us.

"Us are the dumb ones."


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