Blind Faith

The human race, it seems to me,

was doomed from the start.

Manifested into these fleshy,

damn near useless hunks of meat,

we were destined to fail miserably in nearly all that we do –

Riding this merry-go-round of mistakes

around and around and around.

Trapped in this ridiculous rat maze,

with no escape in sight.


That is, at least, until the frail little bird called Hope takes flight.

I cling on to this dove of faith

with every bruised, broken bone in my tired body.

I hold on-

In spite of every flame of desire being snuffed out

by those who said I can’t.

In spite of every shadow contra

whispering narcissistic evils in my ear,

every nefarious demon screaming like sirens in my mind –

I hold on.


I know now that at the bottom of every wishing well

there lies a shimmering Fountain of Hope.

And through the cracks of every man, woman, and child

shines a Light brighter than any of us could imagine.

And so,

with a broken body and tattered soul –

I hope.   

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