To the Blind

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 17:35 -- 13KelHe


What drew you out into the shadow,

Alone at the midnight hour?

That restless mind of yours that so few know,

Over you it has such power;


Calling you forth in the dead of the night,

By a song only you can hear,

Turning your soul in the absense of light,

Your sins before you loud and clear.


Often do you seek a moment's release

From the demons inside your mind,

Praying that one day your torments will cease,

And leave your broken heart behind.


Your body aches with a pain you never knew

Pulling you down onto your knees;

Suffering and exile all that is true,

Heartache in your eyes no one sees.


But I see. I saw it when I met you.

Perhaps it's you I'm meant to save,

Bringing you into a light that is new,

Out of the darkness of your cave.


Steady here I stand, not to leave your side,

To catch you when weary you fall,

Protect and shield you when you wish to hide,

And reveal to you the light I saw.


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