Bleeding Art

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 10:28 -- Sybella

Putting pen to paper she bleeds, Words flowing fast and free. Feelings once tangled up Now unwinding. All the anger, All the pain. Her heartache, Her grief, Her loneliness. The one place she can go And not be strong, Not put the feels in a bottle. The one place she can go, Where she belongs. Her pen flies, Fast and furious, Bleeding ink, Bleeding her soul. Bit by bit, She bleeds out, Words flowing, Poems amassing. Apologies, Questions, Love, Relief, Decisions. Anything with an inkling of Passion. Free form, Rhyme scheme, Sonnet, Haiku, Does it matter? It's poetry, Matters of the heart, Words bled from a pen, From the soul, And we call it Art. 

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