Tue, 10/04/2016 - 00:27 -- bneary

My brain feels empty

No, not the controlled completeness

Of a meditative Nirvana,

not a willful release from the the triviality of life

nor a vegetative state or

a tragedy robbing he fuel of a blazing star

It is not still nor quiet 

Connections constantly buzzing

& blaring 

& reminding me that 

I'm blank

These same cells

rest in the heads of hallowed virtuosos 

They  build empires

dictate masterpieces

and guide fulfillment

Theey prove purpose, provide wonder 

And I wonder 

why not me?

Where is my new perspective

a view of a world better

by my own hand

Why is a future foggy

not full

of success and improvement

is this a fault of my cells

or myself

Where does bare bones biology

end, and

my blank essence begin?



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