Blamed and Revived

Havent verified who i am yet so i double click 

Searched through google and found it 

 Picture of a man with a black cap sitting on the carpet 

Spending most of the time reading through career pamplets 

Looking at the news watching the problematic, offering corruption and partiality so tragic 

Hollering and cussing you scream in my ear like a whistle caught on branch so loud and clear

Blaming me for my personality, alone and incorruptible, like closets with no doors and fires with no torch

I was cut with nails and spat on with words hated on because i wouldn't walk through my own grave 

Exhale the troubles that were given to me by life and Inhaled the peace that was given to me by God

Raised by evil and delivered by angels i live with flowers in the day time and sleep in heaven with them at night.




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