The Blade

The blade puts me back into place. The blade keeps me from going insane. The blade quiets the loudest of screams. The sea rocks the boat, one simple cut, the sea instantly calms. Breathe in, cut, exhale, the blood leaves the cut. Who will run to this mess? No one can know. Hide it well, the signs can't be shown.If it is taken away, how will I survive? Happiness can't be achieved without you my friend, I will fail. I will fall hard without you my friend. The blade is my only true friend, the one who picks me up when I fall and scrape my knees. Damn it, you can't take that away from me. Just let us be, the blade is my lover. The one that truly understands how I feel. Fuck you, you can't pick me up when I fall so far down below the the waters. No, you are not taking that away from me. I will not let you. The blade puts me back together, you can't do that like it can.

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