Black Stone

On the roaring riverside where it never does snow

Sat a boy who was playing with a jagged black stone

The river was muddy but all the trash would still go

And the boy looked at the stone, then gave a big throw


The stone didn't go with a splash or a sound

It slunk to the bottom to its new home ground

Deep down in the mud where nobody knows

But the others who've felt the other kids' throws


The river was moving and the rock tries to flow

To pretend to be moving even deep down below

But like black in black, no one could tell

Thus the stone stopped to live in this hell


Back on the surface where the little boy sits

He tries on every smile to see which one would fit

So he would have something to show

Something to reap as a gift of his sow


The other kids laughed and played on the swings and in the hills

And the little boy jumped all on his own, laughing and giggling to join in the thrills

But across the river is where they did play

He did all he could  never to fade away


But, low and behold, when they started to run

And they ran through the trees taking the fun

The little boy would jump to the water's edge and listen and wait

Still wearing his smile not aware he fell for the bait


When the other kids came back to the shore,

The little boy would yell and his excitement would soar

The others would talk around in their group

He would try to partake, but his smile would droop

So there  sits the boy listening in

Smiling to try and fit in their skin


Some days would fly and upon a sun in the sky

They would get up and escape from the depths of his eye

Gone like the wind and towards a new place

And the little boy was left last in the race

His feet would try to carry him along his line

But, by and by, he was left behind


Standing where he sat, he looked at his feet

His anchor, his life, where they did meet

Stuck in the mud on the shore of the river

Cold and forgotten, left out to shiver

On a silent riverside where smiles don't grow and it never does snow

There once sat a boy who's replaced by black stone




I have an outdated version up on DeviantArt under the username JerbTim. 

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