Black Son



 My black son even though your fearless, I'm not I pray you come home everyday.

My black son you may be cluess about what's going on around you but I'm

not I'll guide you to knowledge.

My black son you don't know how strong, handsome, and intellgente you are, and 

how they envy you but I do.

My black son they will try to kill the world's greatest gift by killing you phsysically,and


But son you must until I die I'll protect your life with my owns until my dying breath.

I know what to do and what to say but I'm still afraid to raise a black son.

Not knowing if he'll come when I let him on his own.

My black son as I speak to you, all I want is for you to show the world your gift

as I did when I created you.



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Our world
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