Black Scar


It leaves a black stain

Where the needle grazed my skin

Marking a moment of impulse and rebellion

When my body wanted to hurt

But my mind wanted to heal

So i compromised

Leaving a black scar in my wake

A symbol thats meaning will be forgotten

When all it reminds me of is my adolescence

When 10 years from now i'm looking in the mirror

Wondering why i even did it

Unless by then its faded

For the ink i used was cheap

Like the memories it made

And all the disappearing mark will symbolize

Is the time i wanted to feel pain

But see beauty

So i compromised

By tattooing a black X on my hip


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Annette M Velasquez

Interesting topic and an innovative style... You have a way with how you use language. The tone and " flow" in reading this poem is smooth, there are good descriptions and word choices. Well- crafted!


thank you! i appreciate the feedback: )

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