Black Girl Magic

I have Black Girl Magic running through my veins, 

It’s a type of magic that can’t be contained, 

It’s a crown that’s on my head, 

It’s a crown that I wear every day, even to bed,


You see, 

I was told that I’m out of the ordinary, 

And they’re right, I am,

But it’s ok, 

I’m me, and they will never understand.


At one point in my life, 

I was confused about who I was.


I would never understand why I had the hair I had, 

I would never understand why I was a little darker, 

I would never understand why my lips were bigger than most.


But then I realized,

My caramel skin, my thick, curly hair, 

My big lips, my soft hips are all a part of my black girl magic, 

Black Girl Magic is the awesomeness of a true black female, 


“You’re so pretty for a black girl” they say,

What does that mean?

What YOU trying to say?


Wait, don’t tell me, 

I know, 

We have a glow that’s just so beautiful,

So rare, 

You haven’t seen anything like it, 

That's why you wonder, stop and stare,


Black girl magic is something people try not to see, 

But I’ll be damned if anyone tried to take it away from me



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