Black Friday

“Black Friday” (Living your dream)


I’m am not going back to Africa, I’m sorry

I was born here and I’m going to die here

I don’t ask much, all I ask America is

Be true to what you said on paper


Be quick to love, and slow to hate

Don’t judge, oppress, and discriminate

Pray to God, then tear down a race

No one is perfect, and I get that

I’m not perfect, I make mistakes

But understand,

I’ll never apologize for my melanin


I’m African American

A modern day King Tut

Shaka Zula in the flesh

Nefertiti off springs, God’s very best

I’m African, I’m blacker than a Tupac verse

We gave you our my best, but you gave us your worse


R.I.P. to the God Father, James Brown

I’m still screaming I’m black and I’m proud

I love my people

This isn’t a poem this is

Dr. Kings “I have a dream” The sequel

All we wanted was a chance, a shot

We’ve come a long way

We’ve done a lot of great things

Politically, Musically, Cognitively and

We brought social change

Freedom isn’t free

For your dream you payed the ultimate cost

Rest in peace King, I know you’re in heaven on your thrown

I find peace in knowing I’m reaping what you sowed


Thanks to you I’m living an African-American Dream

You gave millions of people with NOTHING! Hope

That noose no longer a nuisance I know the ropes

Being an African an America isn’t easy

But difficulty is no excuse.

I’m mindful and I understand

That my freedom isn’t Django Freeman


Truth be told

My Grandmother’s Grandmother was a slave

So it wasn’t that far ago

Never used my color as excuse

I know I’m expected to fail

Destined to live a life in and out of jail

Right? No! Wrong!

Success is eminent I’m writing the book

On how to write their wrongs


Where’s my 40 acres and a mule?

So many broken promises

I’m just thankful I gotta pot to piss in

I’m black and I’m proud

My people did not begin as slaves

We are Royalty, and I am a King

The devolution of God in front of your eyes


Scrutinized, ostracized, and over analyzed

Out of eternal darkness comes light

That why I smile so bright

The blacker the berry, then the sweeter the juice

Like wine, we get better with time


Allow me to introduce my self

I’m Kunta Kinte from the bottom of man kind

My hair is nappy, my nose is round and wide

I’m African American, I’m black as Anubis

Blacker than Richard Pryor, hated since Eddie Bauer

Rest in Peace to the King, Dead but living through me

Allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m Martin Luther King


I’m the King, I’m a King, I’m royalty

Cursed, but blessed to carry The Legacy

Thank you Martin, thank you Garvey

Thank you Rosa, thank you Malcom

An unfair situation, but a blessed out come

I’m living you all’s dream

My African American Dream!

Thanks for not giving up

48 years and I still go my fist up



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