Black Boy Fly

I met Smith and Wesson at an age not old enough to where protection from the pink cotton candy she housed in characterized panties, He showed me when he gets angry that flares of metal can hit a nigga quick where ever I aimed, Insane to test this theory, I aimed it at a pig snorting sugar rolls, I pulled his trigger then started to flee as the hog painted the curve red, Trials of a young boy making the transition to a young man, Trapped under societies dress as she keeps saliva on my head massaging me with wet thoughts of wetting niggas, My mind forever twisted after my pops tried to be a hero out in dc, A street joker laughed at him and shot him until he didn't breathe, Now I'm selling white to blacks contributing to there gray lives, And me and my dudes live backwards if the pay ain't right, Playing life taker with life takers, We don't feel bad when their tomb-stoned under after our cane slammed em, Wishing I can find another field, And before you knew it, We were intercepted on a false deal, Cuffs keyed on the young wrist , But behind bars is when bars starting drop and I don't mean in the shower G', I mean my bars broke the bars that are intended to slave ya, My words released me, plus good behavior, And Now I'm ready to shock the world like Mayan time, And ask my girl if we can become uni so we can verse the world, And fuck society is what I scream loud, She's nothing but a semen breath bitch staining the streets period, I wish we can fix her, But her doggy ways roof the alleys for them boys to play, I'm just ready to take the air waves by storm giving them a sandy's hook, Inspiring to treat guns like you would treat a book and teaching that drugs should be never took, Preaching that life is more than death and looks, Now open your eyes and take a look...
And watch this black boy fly.



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