Black Beauty


Indiana State University Fountain
200 N. 7th Street Teree Haute, Indiana
United States
39° 28' 6.7764" N, 87° 24' 25.4016" W
You stand so tall
So sleek
You have this beautiful rich dark chocolate complexion
So sweet
So sweet it taste like a piece of candy
When I try and speak my words get so mangled and mashed up that I don't say anything
You give me this sense of urgency 
urgency to be the best person I can be. 
You have this beauty about you 
This I can't go a day without thinking bout you beauty
Even though you are a man you have this beauty about you
You make me feel warm and safe
Your beauty is more than just beauty
Your beauty is thing I call 
BLACK................... BEAUTY
Never fall for just anyone because they'll just hurt you in the end
But trust me as easy as it was to get you 
It'll be even easier to replace you
Your BLACK........... BEAUTY is not your ideal beauty
Your beauty is the way you carry yourself
You carry yourself in this high esteemed way 
That I don't care what you say beauty
The way you make words sound so smooth and good
You give me this sense of protection and comfort
When you hug me it's like it's just you and me
When we make eye contact and our eyes lock
I can feel what you feel you feel what I feel
But I can't say how I feel with my words
We can't say a thing
This connection is wordless
I just can't explain 
I want to get to know you more than I know myself
You make me feel beautiful
I felt a certain way for you ever since I first met you
But doubt you feel the same 
Ever since I first saw you 
Just never had the courage to say anything
But I am now 
Your black beauty portrays it all 
That's why I like your
BLACK.............. BEAUTY............
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