Black beauty

Black beauty. Black beauty is something that we fought so hard to love. Dark skin, lightskin, for most melanin was never the right skin. Until we all reach the point of no return, the point where we finally realize that our black beauty IS beautiful and our melanin IS NOT a form of mutation,but a form of the most natural and pure essence. See if you look in the history  books today, i bet you cant find that lesson. Now i know what youre thinking, man does she sound conceited, and youre right, i sound conceited because i got tired of our people getting mistreated. In your head you are pondering, what about everyone else? Okay? What about them , we love them too. But this is the one month, our month where we can celebrate our victories, and our incredible view. There are times where our brothers and sisters would look in the mirror and hate what they see. They were told that their skin is too dark or that their big and poofy hair is not approved by so-ci-ety. That we dont fit in the social and professional standards of what our hair should look like. That laying our edges and creating our waves means that we cannot look prestine, that all our people have to offer is rap music and lean. Or fried chicken and collard greens. For most, Black beauty  a thing we fought vigorously to love can ruin the perspective of what our natural self should look like. Now a days people think our culture is the hottest trend, when in reality, big lips and a curvy body was always in. Black beauty black beauty, my momma raised me to say it loud and love it proud. You know, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, so please do not come for this exquisite fruit, black beauty is a thing we fought so hard to love, im obsessed with it, arent you ?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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