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What's the point in being black if I have to hide it like a disease? 
If I wear my vocabulary like a facemask. 

Praising God for the day that I was born with an “English-sounding” name because I don’t want to sound too... 


Hoping that maybe - just maybe - I might sound English enough for my negro foot to get through that “White Only” door. 

How can people in perpendicular nations be living parallel lives? 

Those who are meant to be there to enforce the law and protect our rights, instead injecting fear into our lives... 

And I know it’s not all of them; not every police officer is brutal, 

But not every black girl is ghetto, nor every black male violent 

So, unless I still have the right to remain silent... 

If you’re going to profile me, it’s only right your profile is not denied.  



There are people out there scared of being attacked or... 
RIP #BreonaTaylor 
Shot 8 times in her sleep but they labelled it an "accident", 
Labelled me a negro in the 18th century, while they labelled Guinness a brew. 

And those officers whose guns were drew, and bullets flew before she even knew what hit her crimson and blue veins are waving a mocking adieu but not to their freedom. 
It's sad, but true. 

You say we're all one race, but then how can Trump be racist. 
Judging me by the colour upon my face I'll call him "faceist". 
Take ‘e’, add ‘s’ somewhere; his definition of a demonstrator. 
Even though they're just trying to make America greater. 
But [insert] ‘e’ it in to racist and you'll get unique a word like raceist; 
It's may not be real, but best believe me, race + is. 
And [Race] is not what defines me, but it's still part of my definition, 
So, don't ignore it. 
Don't pretend you “don't see colour”. 
You may or may not be colour blind, but the world isn't. 
My application forms see colour. 
Universities see colour. 
Jobs see colour. 
Businesses see colour. 
Politicians, opportunities, the media sees colour. 
Being the token ethnic intake is all about colour, and it's maddening. 
This society is maddening. 
“It's workin' twice as hard as the people you know you're better than 
'Cause you need to do double what they do so you can level them” 

Dave said that. 

But see, I'm not just black... 
I’m a young, black woman. 
I'm an insult to society. 
Being black was bad enough but now add female! 
I'm no priority. 
But don't underestimate me, I'll be the greatest underdog. 
Being warned about the difficulties prepares you for when they might just pull the rug 
From under you, so you can have something stable to hug. 

But, if you still want to pretend like you "don't see colour", go ahead, but maybe YOU "should've gone to Specsavers" 

Because colour does exist,  

Because what's the point in being black if I have to hide it like a disease? 
And so, I embrace mine. 
All of it. 


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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