The Birth of a Nation


It’s one of the only businesses in the world that has no propaganda for the product

No flashy commercials, no ads in magazines

No pictures of fearful young girls in clinics with their legs agape


What dictates what makes a baby a real baby at the time of conception?

Do we simply deny heartbeat, blood cells, breath that fills lungs?

The death of the innocent fertilized by the mentality of the weak 

Comes together to conceive a corrupt nation with no moral basis




Make a life

Take a life

It's nobody's business

'Cause it's YOUR life

But when is the life of someone else in OUR hands?

When did we all of a sudden become God?


When we lose all dignity and respect for those who cannot think for themselves

We become dirtier than the tools we use to pry out our mistakes

Nastier than the blood-stains forever in-grained in our consciences

Uglier than the guilt we feel in the aftermath


What makes a baby a real baby at the time is conception is the soul

And until we realize that, we will continue to produce children of corruption

Until we come to the realization that this thing is more than flesh and tissue,

That we are not God and we cannot simply get rid of our decisions at our disposal,

And until we stop simply being bystanders to this bloodbath of the blameless

… This second Holocaust will never cease.


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