The Birth of the Gods.

Cronos and Rhea, better known as mother and father. 

More like corrupt, wealthy leaders of the town rather, 

Cronos was the former mayor and still held a power, 

Rhea had not had to work an hour. 

Now they had three prized darlings.

If only their parents knew their future, 

It would be alarming. 

First came Zeus, the eldest and already grown. 

Next was Posiden, he was the best at sports.

Finally was little Hades, only two. 

The toddiler was already trouble. 

The three came together with a plan once Hades flew the nest. 

And we already know the rest. 

Sons united against father. 

Never would their parents spread their evil roots in their city again.

Zeus divided up the power.

Naturally, he was mayor. 

Naturally, Posideon would be there for order.

Naturally, little Hades had the last.

Care for children, and the old. 

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Our world


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