The clockwork of setting up your mind for the day, the pleasure,

the sweet nectar in waking up! 

If there's a truth, it is that in this life we cannot stay-

It is all like a Bildungsroman, with thought, event, and outcome. 


How am I to be the spectator of myself? 

WIth choice, all follows. So clap, stop, and 

forrow your brows at least once a day in thought

to keep the doctor away - how beautiful

it is to see my story unfold and manifest from

 my own - so must I sway? 


Am I big, look out at the city, 

is it really so big that my state remain in pity? 


No, the clock isn't so straight after all. 

It is round, and at each hour there is an opportunity to

be glad. The moment is at stake, hurry! 

It's just passed, but it came so often that 

today and right now seems forever. Wake up, it's 

your birthday today, it all came as you believed

it to be, so believe in an incredible now. Look,

doesn't it flow in such awe? My hair tingles, 

because of how big my choices of today are, so don't

haste but be quick in conviction. The stars will

all eventually dim, but with gratitude. Live bright,

because you you never know how much your stardust

will shine in the universe. What was I doing 

again? Oh yes, I was smiling before . . . 

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