Big Top

Working under the big top is nothing easy

Im a midget tightrope walker

Shorstack legs and unevenly distributed weight makes this 40 ft feat even more dangerous

Pole in hand i scan the audience and net

This pedestal is more of a plank

Victim to my own weight

I never know how this act may go

The only thing im sure of is the awe plastered on the people's faces and the net that may save my life

I smell the popcorn and cotton candy

I hear the roar of the animals

All reminders of the home i no longer know

the ground is a foreign land

Its people shocked by this alien ritual

All eyes on me as i approach this balance beam

I take a confident step, I got this

This is nothing unroutine

Ive done it a million times before

My foot shakes against the one inch platform  i stan on.

My body tightens and convulses the nerves are taking over

Every step another twitch, another second where time stands still.

Im half way there, I feel the stares

Gazes vault locked on me 

I am god in this moment

Or at least the only god they know


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