Big Happy Wolf

The big bad wolf, that’s my name

My monstrous appearance is the one to blame

These claws for clawing,

These jaws for gnawing.


When I come near,

All I smell is fear

All they do is run and hide.

Can’t they see who I am inside?


All I really want is a friend.

Feelings of loneliness, when will they end?

Oh, what are those pigs doing over there

I couldn’t help but sit and stare.


The smallest pig was holding straw,

The middle pig was holding a saw.

The oldest pig was holding cement

I’m so confused, I didn’t know what all this meant.


It became clear that they’re building a home of their own

I’ve never had one, all my life I was all alone.

Alright. They’re done.

I really hope they don’t get scared and run.


“Please let me come in,” I said

He replied, “No, if I let you come in, I’ll be dead”   

I begged, “Please trust me. I’ll cry if you don’t let me in.”

I began to cry the tune of a broken violin.


The pig felt bad and let me come in.

I stopped crying and gave him a big grin.

From there, it was all history.

Only one little pig put an end to my misery.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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